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our business


PSA Singapore provides a full range of standard depot services at BoxCare's on-dock depots for empty containers. This takes place within the Free Trade Zone (FTZ). Special customised services are also provided for every need.


Customers can leverage on PSA's position as a major transhipment hub to receive empty containers from vessels or hauliers, or to ship them at short notice within depot working hours. This eliminates bottlenecks and saves time, as well as trucking and other related costs.

Reefer containers
PSA provides a full complement of spare parts available for every reefer make to enable repairs with minimal turnaround time. With 108 available points, customised services such as preventive maintenance programmes and pre-trip inspections can also be provided in the shortest possible time.

Depot Services
PSA also provides a range of depot services:

  • Surveying of containers
  • Washing (normal/chemical)
  • Reefer machinery repair
  • Structural repair
  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Preventive maintenance programme for reefer machinery
  • Washing the exterior of boxes
  • Assembling and dismantling of hangertainers
  • Securing of tarpaulin for open top /open side containers
  • Painting
  • Pre-cooling

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