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PSA Singapore handles more than half a million TEUs of dangerous goods yearly. We have a team of qualified chemists, supported by our Emergency Response Team, to ensure that all dangerous goods are handled safely and meet the regulatory requirements.

  • Fumigation - To prevent and control pests infestation via movement of cargoes/containers.
  • Dangerous Goods (DG) Reworking - To mitigate leaking/damaged DG cargoes which are unsafe for shipment.
  • DG Labelling - To placard DG containers with missing or incorrect mandatory hazard labels.
  • Pre-shipment Inspection - To inspect cargo stacking/packing prior onward shipment.
  • Special Monitoring of Direct DG containers – To assist customers on the temporary storage of highly hazardous DG containers that previously requires direct delivery/loading with additional measures in place.
  • DG Training -To provide customised training on local and international DG regulations and requirements.

PSA Group Enquiry 

For basic search of PSA Group by UNNO, please access PSA Group Enquiry Portal.

For advance search of PSA Group by IMO Class/UN Range/Technical name, or download PSA Group of DG in Excel, please access DG Substance function in PORTNET®.

A Guide to obtaining PSA Group of DG (New!)


Goh Mei Shan
Senior Manager (Chemcare)
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Fax: +65 6277-8923
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