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Our Commitment


our commitment

Green Initiative: Creating Awareness, Changing Mindset

PSA strongly believes that the success to any green programme starts from within. We encourage our staff to have eco-friendly practices and strive to foster a culture of social responsibility. At PSA, we seek to empower staff to embrace a green culture by promoting recycling - having designated repositories located in common areas, encouraging conservation of resources - printing only when absolutely necessary, and creating awareness through various green activities held throughout the year.

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We recognise the importance of preserving the natural environment so as to create a sustainable society for our future generations. PSA is committed to this cause by operating in a sustainable manner at our terminals and facilities, and proactively identifying and adopting environmentally-friendly port equipment and practices.


  • Greener Rubber-tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGs) and e-RTGs
  • Our new-and-improved RTGs are now retrofitted with fuel saving devices to reduce diesel consumption. Devices have been installed to regulate engine revolutions per minute (RPM) according to load demand.
  • We have also converted a series of e-RTGs that run entirely on electricity, ensuring no carbon emissions.

Data Centres

  • Ozone-friendly Fire Suppression Systems
  • We use FM200 gas instead of ozone-depleting Halon.
  • Targeted Cooling Instead of cooling the entire data centre, we target cooling to save electricity in areas with a high density of servers.
  • "Cold Aisle, Hot Aisle" Air flows are isolated to prevent warm air from entering another rack, resulting in less strain on efforts to cool the area and thereby reducing electricity consumption.

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Natural lighting in workshops
Our ground-level workshops and stores are inventively lit through the use of natural sunlight. Sun-pipes installed on the roofs capture the natural light and funnel sunlight into the workshops, thereby reducing our electricity usage.&;

Go Green Movement

PSA Tree Planting Day

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Launched in 2009, PSA Tree Planting Day is an annual CSR event which affirms our commitment to the community and the environment, as well as our strong support for more sustainable green spaces in Singapore.

To date, we have planted more than 25 trees and 40 shrubs in our terminals, including Brani and Pasir Panjang. Apart from the official tree planting day which is typically held in November to coincide with the National Clean and Green Week, PSA’s Building Management Department also plants trees regularly at various locations.

Green buildings

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Full-glass panels allow natural illumination of building interiors. We have motion sensors for rooms and corridors with infrequent human traffic. Our restrooms are naturally-ventilated amid the greenery. Landscaping around the buildings also helps reduce urban heat and provides cool relief.