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PSA Singapore responds to supply chain disruptions with cargo solutions

March 03 2021

In response to the current disruptions in global supply chains, PSA in Singapore has been deploying additional resources and ramping up its capabilities to support the increased activity at the Singapore port, a key transhipment hub for major trade routes. Above and beyond port activities, the PSA Cargo Solutions Southeast Asia (PCSS) team has launched a series of Value-Added Services to support cargo owners which includes Priority Discharge, Top Stowage, Express Delivery, Flexi-Alerts and Fast Connection Management for containers moving via Singapore.

PCSS is also working together with Global e-Trade Services (GeTS) to offer free access to CALISTA P!NG for a limited period. CALISTA P!NG will provide cargo owners with nearrealtime visibility of key cargo event milestones via Singapore to facilitate better planning and management of cargo movements.

Ms Seow Hwee, Head of Cargo Solutions, Southeast Asia for PSA said, “The global pandemic has resulted in industry disruptions affecting cargo owners and communities worldwide. Closer collaboration and increased cargo movement visibility will go a long way towards keeping supply chains flowing smoothly and safely. By leveraging our port facilities and supply chain capabilities, PSA will continue to engage and work with cargo owners to tailor bespoke solutions to meet their unique needs.”

One of the beneficiaries of PCSS’s cargo solutions was China Energy Engineering Group Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CEEC) and their Senior Logistics Manager, Mr Zhao Zhi Ming shared this about his experience; “In January 2021, we faced an uncertain delay in supply shipments from Northeast Asia for our local projects in Singapore. At one point of time, our inventory ran extremely low and operations were on the brink of total stoppage. PSA rendered valuable support during these challenging times working with stakeholders to facilitate priority discharge of the containers holding our supplies. They also expedited the delivery to our construction site. These support actions ensured the continuation of our operations and avoided the incurrence of liquidated damages and wasted overheads. This positive experience has strengthened our close working relationship with PSA. We are confident that their customised cargo solutions can add value to our supply chain management and we look forward to a deeper partnership with PSA.”


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