Our Bo-men

A total of 36 ‘Bo-men’ of varying sizes now reside in the PSA Horizons building in Singapore, alongside 11 in our upcoming Tuas Port. They can be found at key points starting from the drop off foyer to the main lobby and up through the building to the sky garden’s above.

Being Alongside

‘Alongside’ reflects PSA’s shared desire to Be There for all our stakeholders – by building great teams and partnerships, connecting communities, and orchestrating supply chains together for mutual gain and sustainable growth.

Daisy Boman

PSA’s brand manifesto – ‘Alongside’ – is reflected in these sculptures by Daisy Boman, a world-renowned artist who creates unique pieces that are a tribute to the shared bonds between individuals who form part of a united and cohesive culture of people.

Through the art of sculpture, Daisy and her Bo-men embody this same spirit of being Alongside in their form and posture, conveying this unity of purpose with diversity, equity and inclusion, suspended in time.

Generally displayed in groups, the Bo-men stride forward with passion and purpose, moving towards a common goal. The sculptures celebrate human potential, resilience and the spirit of collaboration, which echo themes central to PSA’s core ethos. Their form transcends race and nationality, connecting instead with the common thread that is humanity.