Our Commitment

We Act On What We Believe In

We are driven by our purpose and committed to sustainable value creation. To be a responsible corporate citizen, we ensure our foundation is built on responsible corporate practices and commitments. The Code reflects PSA’s business principles and offers guidance on what is expected of PSA employees in dealing with critical issues. As a business, PSA Singapore is committed to reduce carbon footprint, protect the health and safety of our people, safeguard the security of the port, and give back to the community we operate in.

Health & Wellness

As an essential service provider performing 24/7 terminal operations, we are cognizant that the health, safety, and security risk exposure intensifies as port activities increase. Therefore, we place strong emphasis on health and wellness education and promotion – to establish a health and wellness framework while aligning with national health strategies and help the workforce take steps towards better health through preventive care. We also collaborate with relevant government organisations on initiatives to promote healthy physical and mental well-being.

While our people strive to keep global supply chains moving, we want to protect and ensure they come to work and return home to their loved ones, in a safe and healthy manner. 


To be safe from harm at work is a basic human right that we respect. Therefore, at PSA Singapore, we make the safety our primary responsibility and priority.

Beyond instilling the safety mindset and culture among our people and solution partners, we leverage technology to minimize accidents and achieve safety excellence.

For instance, we implement Video Analytics (VA) and sensors to detect safety infringements and unsafe conditions during lashing and prime mover operations around-the-clock. This increases safety surveillance in areas where the human eyes cannot see or enforce safety procedures.


As a critical infrastructure in the global supply chain, ports are vulnerable to threats such as terrorism and criminal activities. Thus, ensuring port security, both in the physical and cyber realms, is fundamental to business continuity and safety.

PSA Singapore work closely with local authorities to ensure all legislation is complied and baseline security measures are implemented, to prevent illicit trade and undeclared dangerous goods as well as to facilitate fair and secure global trade.

Building resilience against cyberattacks and risks is as important with our increasingly digitalised and interconnected systems and operations. To do so, we adopt a holistic approach of investing in the right technology, disciplined execution of processes and increasing awareness among our people.