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PSA Singapore launches initiatives to drive digital transformation within the local haulage industry

July 25 2022

In response to the growing need for supply chains to be more resilient and agile, PSA Corporation Ltd (PSA) has developed and launched more than 50 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable digital transformation and enhance digital integration within the haulage industry in Singapore.

This is a significant push for the local haulier community towards information sharing and the adoption of new technologies to streamline their operations and processes. With these APIs, the hauliers’ existing in-house systems can now be digitally connected with PSA’s Portnet®, streamlining and automating their work processes including port documentation. Portnet® is a nation-wide business to business (B2B) port community solution that provides real-time and detailed information on all port, shipping, and logistics processes.

The need for manual documentation or job order filling will become a thing of the past, as digitalised processes enables greater efficiency, reliability, timeliness and transparency in goods movement across supply chains. PSA’s efforts to integrate systems via APIs will encourage its logistics and haulage partners to innovate their business processes and at the same time, provides the sharing of real-time information for enhanced planning and decision-making.

PSA has been working closely with key stakeholders, including the Trade Associations and Chambers to build digital capabilities to strengthen the overall business ecosystem. These digital initiatives aim to help companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), move in tandem with the emerging needs of the digital economy and a postpandemic future. More than 100,000 containers were handled via APIs launched since 2021, with favourable feedback from hauliers who have come onboard.

Ms Seow Hwee, PSA’s Head of Cargo Solutions Business, Southeast Asia, said, “Agility is a prerequisite in meeting today’s complex and dynamic nature of logistics management, and PSA recognises the industry’s need for data and information sharing to improve resilience in supply chain systems. We are pleased to stand alongside our haulage partners in unlocking the value of digitalisation to build a resilient, agile and sustainable green supply chain ecosystem.”

Mr Oh Bee Lock, CEO of Singapore Logistics Association, said, “The seaport is the nexus between ships and land-based logistics activities spanning across a wide eco-system of stakeholders. This latest initiative by PSA to enable quick and reliable data connectivity amongst stakeholders will help the logistics industry continue our transformation journey to leverage technology effectively, and build new capabilities to better serve our customers. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with PSA to innovate and evolve new value differentiators, as well as deepen our capabilities in supply chain resilience.”

Mr Eugene Heng, Managing Director of Masindo Logistics Pte Ltd, said, “Digitalisation has enabled better supply chain visibility which is critical to the industry and we are glad to support and be part of this digital transformation initiatives led by PSA. With systems integration via APIs, it has streamlined our work processes with increased productivity, and this will help Masindo and other logistics SMEs to make informed data-driven business decisions to support their growth strategies and business continuity.”


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